Services Provided

Services ProvidedServices Provided.

Dean Terry Productions is a professional production company able to produce high quality film and video content. Film and video is fast becoming the number one choice for businesses both large and small to promote their brand, sell their products and stand out from the crowd. We can make sure your business doesn’t get left behind.

Video is now such a powerful tool because of the ever growing social media platforms that can expose your business to a global audience. Just having video content on your web site alone can increase the amount of traffic by up to 50 times, and statistics have shown that over 70% of people are more likely to buy a product after they have seen a video.

But video content has to be done well. We are all aware of the ever changing and growing technology; camera phones take great video, even cheap entry level cameras shoot great looking video- or so you think, until you see what a professional film maker can get from a camera. From composition to lighting, camera angles, camera movement, depth of field, sound quality…the list is endless. And once it’s all captured theres that small task called post production. Again, during this process, a professional will have the knowledge to edit faster and more efficiently with great accuracy, and to colour and grade so that the finished piece looks flawless, as well as sound editing and mixing, visual effects and mastering.

Here at Dean Terry Productions we endeavour to give you a finished product that you’re not just extremely pleased with, but is something that will help your business thrive, showcase your talents, sell your products and make you stand out from your competitors. Services provided by us will be second to none.

From full length feature films to music videos, animated explainer videos, product advertising, corporate presentations and events, property virtual tour videos, 3D modelling, aerial videography and photography, we provide a bespoke high quality service at each important stage of production, tailoring our service to meet your needs and consulting with you at each stage to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your final product.​

We take care of every element of production including Pre production, camera work, lighting, sound, green screen, special effects, editing, colour grading, mastering and motion picture music scores.

We will also advise and guide you through the process, where needed, to ensure that your DVD, Web video or TV advertisement productions runs smoothly from the moment you contact us to the moment you sit down to view the final product. ​