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The Real Advantages Of Property Videos

With today's increasing need for everything in an instant and our attention spans decreasing by the day, property / 3D modelling videos are now taking real control of property and real estate sales.
Most property buyers will skim through still photos at a rate of around 2-3 seconds per photo, and 92% of buyers will do this before reading any text details concerning the property. We buy with our eyes; if we like what we see then we will read more about it. But theres one major factor that has made using still photos a tougher challenge to sell property: TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY.
Most buyers today are now very aware of how cameras with wide angle and fish eye lenses can make rooms appear much larger than they really are. More than 95% of adults own a mobile phone that takes still photos and usually at a wider angle than the human eye sees things in real time. So now when we view property still pictures, we are not so easily fooled by the tricks of a camera.
Speaking recently to an agent that we have shot several property videos for, the most common phrase that comes from buyers now is " the rooms look so much bigger on the website".
​Whilst this may bring the agent and home owner more onsite viewers, it actually leaves the buyer with a lack of confidence in the agent.
​Imagine seeing your dream sports car on line, only to turn up at the dealer and see a mini, and the dealer tells you "yep,this is definitely the same car". Would you buy a car from him?
Video almost completely eliminates any doubts because it shows buyers a much truer perspective of every aspect of a property. Now I hear you saying "but video cameras have wide angle lenses too!" Yes they do, but the perspective of wide angles is registered completely differently in our brains when a picture is moving.  This means that with video you don't use wider angles in the same severity as with a still photo camera, because the movement allows you to capture far more space and room size.
​What video also allows us to do is to sit and view a property in much more detail, spending time to see every room, how they connect and in the comfort of our own home. But more importantly, the video controls the pace of what your buyers are viewing, it takes away that ability to quickly skim through stills,not really taking in what you have to offer. A recent survey showed that 27% of buyers didn't spend enough time viewing a property because they felt pressured by the estate agent, and 40% said the invasion of privacy of someones home was a reason for not taking longer to look around. Surveys in America, where real estate video is now almost the norm for selling property, have shown that 87% of properties sell to 1st or 2nd live viewers after they have seen a video of the property.Marketing experts are predicting that by 2022, still photos will be virtually non existent in the retail sector, such is the increasing power of film and video. Our rapidly increasing thirst for instant media content engages us in a way that tells us to WANT, BUY, SEE, GO, SHARE, and ENJOY. The simple fact is that the more agents use video, the more the ones that don't are finding it increasingly difficult to sell properties.

The Advantages of Property Videos

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2 D layout

3D floor plan

3D Floorplan

3D floorplan


The age of 3D modelling has become so advanced so quickly that its now used in many industries. Most people's first thought when you mention 3D is sitting in the cinema with your lovely big glasses on, waiting for things to jump out at you. But nowadays 3D brings to life a whole world of industries and not least, the property market. Take a look at the images on the left, here is a great example of the differences between 2D and 3D image marketing. As you can see, the 3D images shows the buyer or client a whole new perspective on floor layout, room connection, and just gives your audience and buyer a feeling of almost stepping inside that property. This can have a huge advantage to agents, owners and sellers. Before this type of image was available, the only way to get a real feel for floor layouts and how rooms connected was to actually visit the site live. This of course means the agents time, the sellers inconvenience as well as the buyer having to arrange property views.

3D models used in conjunction with property video's gives prospective buyers a real opportunity to view a property in much more detail within the comforts of their own home. This massively reduces the amount of fruitless live views because the buyer will almost certainly be 90% sure that they are ready to make an offer.

3D models can also be a great way to show case a hotel or leisure centre, maybe training facilities or a family attraction. The possibilities are endless and the power of all this technology can greatly enhance your business or premises in many ways.

Prices start from as little as €49 depending on the size and type of model you require.

We can create your 3D model from just a simple 2D diagram or floor plan, or just basic measurements if you don't have any plans.

Contact us today and ask about the options available to you.