Music Videos

Music videos can do so much more than just entertain people. They can put your talents and your music in front of a global audience. And with todays social media platforms quickly becoming the target for video clips, there has never been a better time to showcase your voice, band or song to a massive audience.

We can talk you through the endless possibilities for your music video. Todays technology gives us the film making power to create jaw dropping videos on a relatively low budget. But if you have an unlimited budget then we can produce just about anything!

Originally shot as part of the feature film "Locked In"​, this video features Richie Hudson with his band Kitty Hudson performing the song "Everybody Loves You When Your Dead". The song was written by Richie and the video also features Robin Guy on drums. Robin has played with bands such as Faith No More and is currently the drummer for 80's band Sham 69. Robin's brother Corin is an up and coming award winning film director. His film "The Hallow" won best horror at the Sundance Film Festival.
Richie also makes his movie acting debut in the film "Locked In", well worth watching if you like being scared.
This video was shot entirely in one room using green screen technology. The song was written by Richie Hudson whilst his band Kitty Hudson were recording an album. They were near the end of the day when Richie realised that they had only recorded 9 songs, and he thought an album should be an even number; 10 or 12 tracks. So in a 5 minute cigarette and beer break Richie penned this song and recorded it in one take. If you listen to the words closely you'll notice that there is a reference to cancer. Richie received hundreds of Facebook messages after the song was posted, asking him if he was ok. To which the answer was "of course, its just a song I wrote very quickly".​
Shot in two locations in Dublin, this promo video features the band Bee Bop Gold, the oldest band still playing live in Ireland. Every member of the band are granddads, with two of them even being great granddads! We shot eight songs in a warehouse in Blanchardstown and then a further one hour of their live show in the centre of Dublin. The band's timing was so immaculate that their live performance matched the exact tempo of their studio recording. Incredibly, the band's live performance was exactly the same tempo as the recorded track, which meant I was able to cut seamlessly between the two, making editing a lot easier! Perhaps that's the product of many years rehearsing and performing together, and being completely in tune with each other. Checkout the Minis used at the beginning of the video- between the band members they own 17 classic Mini cars. We just couldn't leave out some music from "The Italian Job" to go with it.
Whilst shooting a promotion video for the band Bee Bop Gold, drummer Paul Traynor performed this song which he wrote as a tribute to the men, women and children of the 1916 Easter Rising. It was originally only going to be a very short clip in the promo video, but after editing the finished promo it only seemed right that such a beautiful song and tribute be turned into a music video of its own. At the time of shooting, Paul was completely unaware that this was going to happen, as was I whilst filming the song. But luckily I shot the entire song from several angles and was able to quickly put this video together.
​Needless to say, Paul was completely surprised and over the moon that it had been done, and the video soon notched up over 8 thousand YouTube views.
Do you consider yourself to be a star in the making, or a singer or band that wants more exposure? Maybe you have an original song that you want seen and heard by a global audience. Or perhaps you would just like to see yourself on TV or the internet. If so, then you'll need a professional, exciting music video.
We can shoot with multiple camera, aerial cameras, add SFX and shoot with green screen technology in any location, even at your next live performance!
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