Locked In

Locked In was the 1st full length feature film to be directed by Dean Terry. Dean
also wrote the script and screenplay, and completed every part of post
production including, film editing, music score, SFX and visual effects, sound
effects and sound design, film trailers and mastering. In fact during the entire
project, Dean had no experienced crew members or camera operators, no
lighting technicians and no sound recordists, but simply enlisted the help of a
handful of loyal friends and quite literally taught them as the production went
along. The film was shot in cinema 4K and premiered at The Prince Charles
Cinema in Leicester Square, London on the 22nd November 2015. It was
screened to a full house of over 300 people.
The film is centred around one of the oldest pubs in outer London, The Ship in
Croydon and features an all amateur cast. After many tales and stories of
ghosts and hauntings, landlady Annie (Laura Jane Ashdown) gets talked into
hosting a seance by staff and regulars. One staff member meets a grisly end
the night before the seance. The medium hosting the seance also
encounters something menacing, both during and after the seance. Monsieur
Miguel (the local medium) warns Annie that the pub harbours a spirit with some unfinished
business. Whilst Annie makes a guest appearance on a local radio station more strange events happen
in the pub. And when a second staff member is attacked on her way home from
the seance, Annie starts to wonder if perhaps the local medium wasn't as fake as she
first thought. As further events unfold it becomes more and more apparent that
the hauntings are not just from the past.
The film climaxes in a nail biting roller coaster ride of deceit, betrayal and terror
culminating in a stunning performance by our villain.
"Locked In" had its challenges during production; as well as from having no
professional crew, shooting was done over a 6 month period in a working pub.
This made continuity a massive challenge! Making sure that every tiny detail, back
bar display, wall posters, tables and chairs to name a few, remained the
same throughout production was almost a full time job in itself.
Because the cast and crew all had full time jobs, all the filming had to be done
at weekends and sometimes in the early hours of the morning.
The climatic fire scenes looked so realistic that when Dean sent an early trailer
to the brewery that owns the pub, it had head office slightly concerned. Partly
down to the message sent with the clip, simply saying "oops".
"Locked In" is available to buy on DVD from Amazon.com and can also be
bought or rented from Vimeo.com.
Contact us here if you would like to purchase a copy in full HD on BluRay disc.