Gallery- Still photos taken from many of our films and videos


Welcome to our page where we literally freeze frame many film scenes, video clips and moving shots to capture what our eyes see for just a split second.

Take a look at our gallery of still photos. With every film and video we produce, we can take a still frame from any part of that film. So if you needed still shots to accompany your film for marketing or media sharing, we can supply them.

Every still photo can be any resolution you require upto 4k. We can crop and change the look of your stills in any way you want.

Alternatively, if all you require is still photographs of events, products, shows, property etc, please contact us and we can help you with any type of photography you need. We can photograph underwater, or as high up as you need (providing your location isn't too close to an airport and the necessary permissions are in place).

Your stills can be provided to you in different media forms such as on DVD or USB memory stick. We can even print them off as frameable photo if you wanted it as a gift or souvenir, and in multi shot contact sheets.