Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. Probably the biggest reason of all is audience engagement. Their ability to engage  and hold  attention for the duration of time it takes you to get your message across. They are a unique and fun way to promote a brand, sell a product and educate.  

But why do they work so well? Several years ago animation kings Pixar developed a winning formula in their animated movies. That formula was to make animated movies appeal to both children and adults. They lace their movies with enough adult humour to captivate the adult audience. While at the same time making sure that the children just didn't get it. But didn't really care because it was still a cartoon and it still entertained them. Clever eh?

How many times have you laughed at a Pixar movie? And then noticed that not one single child got the joke?  It was delivered in a way that didn't offend or harm a child, but it DID make an adult laugh. More importantly, it made that adult want to see the next Pixar movie.

 A winning formula that filled cinema seats with adults and children.

So now when we watch explainer videos, the concept of combining animation with explanation draws us into a sense of comfort. We learn because it's fun, we buy it because the fun told us it was a good idea And we remember because animation triggers the child that's always in us.

Whiteboard animation is probably the most commonly used form for corporate and business explainer videos. This is mainly due to the fact that it is far more cost effective than 3D animation yet still incredibly engaging and very effective.

Contact us today and find out how explainer videos can help your company, business or brand. We can make animated videos in a number of different styles with varying degrees of complexity, length and of course price.

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