An Interesting Point To The Oscars by Stuart Green

An Interesting Point To The Oscars by Stuart Green

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An Interesting Point To The Oscars by Stuart Green
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The Oscars: How Relevant Are They?

It’s that time of year again, when the awards are being given out and Hollywood’s biggest night of the year has arrived. The Oscars, arguably the most coveted prize in the movie universe; but how important are they, how much influence do they have on your viewing choices?

When it comes to picking a movie to watch, there are various different resources we can use to allow us to make an informed decision, the most obvious ones being trailers and reviews. However, in addition to this we also have awards.

Awards are like condensed reviews, the TL;DR version of a review, if you like.
Of course, in the main, they only really reveal something about part of the movie, for example, Best Actress, Best Director, or Best Visual Effects, all of which only give you an indicator of the quality of part of the movie (naturally, Best Film is fairly good indicators of how good the movie is overall, but most Oscars relate to a specific aspect of a film).

“Suicide Squad” was a critically-panned, box-office smash of 2016, and while it got completely mauled by the critics, history will record that in 2017 it won an Oscar.
Let that sink in for a moment.

“Suicide Squad” has won more Oscars than classic movies such as “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Singing in the Rain”.

As it happens, I love “Suicide Squad”, despite its many faults, and while the Oscars hold little relevance for me (I tend to ignore them and make my decisions on my film choices in other ways), it’s nice to see a movie that did not score well with the critics, still managed to obtain something as important as an Oscar.

So if you find yourself looking at the latest film releases, would you pick your next film on the number of Oscars it has won, and if so, do you care what those Oscars were for?