Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

We use state of the art 4K cameras to capture stunning photographs from high above any subject matter. Whether its a wedding, a special event, or a family day out. Maybe your a property/land owner, aerial photography can capture it. Our cameras can fly for up to 30 mins at a time. We have enough back up batteries to make 12 flights in a single day.

Aerial Photography.

Our drones are fully  licensed and registered with the I.A.A  and we are fully insured for public liability. We do not advise you to have drone photography too close to any people or animals.

There are also strict laws on flying too close to public areas. So if you are wanting to book an aerial photographer, please contact us before you book.

We can then advise you if your location and requirements meet with the recommended safety levels needed.
Provided that your location meets with the required safety levels, and the necessary permissions granted, we can discuss your requirements.

4k images are incredibly detailed (4 times the detail of your full HD TV). Once we have the images, we do further colour grading and correction until your finished photographs look stunning.

We do of course do aerial videography too. All the same safety measures have to be considered. There are several video clips on this website that will show you our video production work.

Please also remember that any aerial work is completely in the hands of the weather. We cannot fly drones on very windy days or when it is raining. If we are able to, we will always try to rearrange your shoot for another day. In the case of a wedding, you would receive a full refund of any deposits paid.

Whilst we cannot guarantee weather conditions, we can guarantee that we will do everything we can to satisfy your needs.

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